February Resource Round-Up {Math, Writing, Reading, Art and Crafts and More}


In my school, each classroom has a bulletin board in the hallway.

Mine is located dead center at the end of the main hallway. I had taken down our Winter Writing Projects with the super-cute, paper-pieced snowmen holding them. I had put up red butcher paper.

And that was it.

My mind was blank and the board was blank. I had no creative ideas. Pinterest even let me down.

Just when I was about to call it a wash, cover it with green paper and move on to St. Patrick’s Day, an idea struck.

As I told my students while I scurried around the room grabbing for construction paper in the traditional colors of love along with scissors, glue sticks and markers from our classroom supply center, “There are many nights when I spend countless hours planning lessons and activities…and then there are times when I am walking down the hallway staring at a blank board, an idea strikes and we need to drop everything to make it happen.”

I cut the paper down to various sizes and each of them made a Valentine. They then measured the length and width to calculate the area and perimeter. On the inside they wrote what they know about those concepts.

Since the enjoyed the project so much, I decided to whip together a quick math learning center for this week…

I labeled the cards A-J and they used them similar to our task cards.  They selected a card, sketched a diagram, measured the card, recorded the dimensions and solved to find the area and perimeter. It was so simple and a great way to practice measurement, area and perimeter.

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