I had mentioned in an earlier post that while I love making anchor charts with my students AND while I find that they reference them all the time, I don’t always know where to put them. 

Because real estate is at a premium in any classroom and spots are often already spoken for, I found that the charts frequently ended up getting hung wherever there was space available at the time they were made.

This was problematic for a couple of reasons:

  • It made the room feel messy and unplanned {which is a big no-no}.
  • The students didn’t always know where to look to find what they knew existed.
  • There wasn’t a rhyme or reason to where they were placed. It was possible to have a science chart taped up on the back of a door and a weekly word sort hanging out under the math workshop board.

I solved that problem for the for the coming school year, by adding designated anchor chart display areas within my classroom.

There are several of them. The picture below shows just one area.

Because I may not always have something to display and didn’t want gaping holes in random spots, I strived to create a space that looked purposeful.

  • I hung fabric and a border.
  • I sectioned off space for the chart paper.
  • And then I added more border (in the form of ribbons) to further define the space and leave it looking like something belonged there.

Here’s the part that I’m tooting my own horn and high-fiving myself about…

In each of the designated anchor chart spaces I hot glued a pinch-style clothespin to the background fabric. That way all I need to do is pop the charts right into them. If I want to pull it down to reference during a small group or move it closer to a group working on a related task it will be super easy,

And because you know I am all about the small details that make things extra special, I added a small strip of scrapbook paper that coordinates with my classroom decor.

I will show off my other designated spots as we continue to travel around my classroom over the next few weeks.


I had featured Christie’s classroom as part of my Jungle Themed Classroomspost the other day, but this photo needed it’s own spotlight. 

  • I’m always creating anchor charts with my class, but find that I struggle to find  an empty wall space to display them. This designates a specific space.
  • I love that the charts are sectioned off by borders which eliminates visual noise and distraction.
  • The students will always know where to look to find resources for specific subject areas
  • I think using just one style of border creates a really nice look.

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